Infinite Execution was established to address the void between “old world” solutions and solution delivery and the new high speed internet age of a global community where people and companies are able to deliver from anywhere to anywhere with limitless possibilities.

The “X” symbolises the independent and unknown factor which in the internet world so often pervades. The “X” is yellow as this depicts the wisdom and intellectual energy that Infinite Execution brings to solving complexity and in determining the “X factor”. “X” marks the spot!

The “Circles” represent completeness and symmetry illustrating Infinite Execution’s ability to deliver turnkey solutions of variable size and complexity to perfection. The Circles are green as this shows balance and growth, from small projects to large projects. The green also depicts Infinite Execution’s appreciation for the value of life and conservation of our planet.

The number “4” comes up regularly as in the four circles and the four ends of the X which depicts the balance of life and work. It also illustrates direction (as in the four points of the compass) that Infinite Execution can drive or follow. Four also represents the stability of Infinite Execution and the security that Infinite Execution can deliver.

“Infinite” was selected to represent the range of experience, the depth of skills, the variety of solutions, persistence to deliver, adaptability to customer requirements and endurance in delivering the solutions our customers demand.

“Execution” was selected to depict Infinite Executions ability to successfully deliver solutions to our customers based on our vast experience. Execution being the precise nature of implementing an action or solution to the customers’ expectations.

Infinite Execution looks forward to being of service to you or your organisation and proving our ability to deliver to your expectations.