#Covid-19 Compliance

The Disaster Management Act of 2020 came into effect in March 2020 when our President declared a National State of Disaster. Apart from the many other regulations around movement you need to make sure that your business complies with the special Health & Safety Policy to include the Covid-19 framework.


It’s the LAW!

The relevance to you is that if you don’t update your Health & Safety Policy, and the conditions are not met for the SA Government regulations, if someone gets infected at your office, two things can happen:

  • The infected person could take legal action for not providing a “Safe Place of Work”
  • The Department of Labour has the right to shut the company down until the causal issue is rectified.

In addition to the legal impact you are also likely to lose more productivity as employees could be off  for weeks.

#CoronaVirus Protection Products


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