#CoronaVirus – Implications for Employers in South Africa #COVID-19

From 1st June 2020 South Africa was placed on Lockdown Level 3, and most Businesses and other Entities are now permitted to operate. As part of the re-opening of Business, Companies will be required to have a Workplace Plan to ensure the Safety of Employees. Here are the 10 Key Aspects that need to be Incorporated in your Plan:

  • Risk Assessment – Prior to Commencing Operations, Employers must Undertake a Risk Assessment to give effect to the Health and Safety Directives issued by the Government and the Specific Conditions of their Workplace. This includes Identifying all areas within the Workplace that are a Transmission Risk for #COVID-19.
  • Screening Process – All Employers must Develop a Mandatory Screening process for Employees upon entry to the Workplace to Assess whether the Employee Exhibits any Symptoms of Covid-19 prior to the Employee being allowed Access to the Workplace.
  • Emergency Protocols – Employers must Develop Emergency Protocols to contain an outbreak of Covid-19 in the Workplace as well as a Protocol to Evacuate Employees who Screen Positive for 3COVID-19.
  • Employee Health & Safety Training – The Health and Safety Directive issued by the Government makes it Mandatory for all Employers to Train their Employees on the Contents of the Directive and the Manner in which Employers intend to Implement the Directive in their Respective Workplaces.
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) – Employers must make provision for Employees to be Provided with the Relevant PPE for their role at No Cost to the Employee.


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  • Social Distancing – Employers must ensure, where possible, that the workplace is re-organised in order to Comply with Social Distancing rules. Employees must be advised as to Social Distancing rules and measures must be put in place to Enforce Social Distancing.
  • Hygiene – Employers must maintain certain Hygiene Standards, which include Sanitising and Disinfecting of the Workplace prior to the Commencement of Operations.
  • Waste Management – A workplace plan must include a waste management system for the disposal of all #COVID-19 related waste in a manner that does not present a transmission risk.
  • Communication – Employers must ensure that they have a communication plan in place to inform employees of any updates regarding protocols in the workplace, as well as any other information as required by Government.
  • Appoint a Compliance Manager – All employers must appoint a Compliance Manager at each of their workplaces who will be Responsible for Supervising and Enforcing the Compliance with the Workplace Plan, and all Directives & Regulations issued by Government.

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