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Johannesburg, Gauteng

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Proudly South African

Infinite Execution is a wholly Owned South African Company.

We are currently Employing South Africans who lost their livelihood due to #COVID-19.

Up to 95% of the Products we are Supplying are Produced or Manufactured by South African Companies.

When you Support Us, You are Supporting South Africa!!

#ProudlySouthAfrican      #KeepSASafe

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+27 (0) 61 567 9921


Johannesburg, Gauteng


Due to the continuous development and improvements of Infinite Execution Health & Hygiene Products, the goods supplied may vary in detail to those illustrated on our website. The prices that appear on our website are indicative only. Actual prices may vary depending on individual suppliers, quantity, and are subject to availability. Infinite Execution Health & Hygiene believes that the information regarding the PPE Equipment & Sanitiser Solutions published on this website is accurate and represents the best and most current information available to us. Infinite Execution Health & Hygiene makes no representations or warranties either expressed or implied, regarding the suitability of the material for any purpose or the accuracy of the information contained within this website. Accordingly, Infinite Execution Health & Hygiene will not be responsible for damages resulting from use of or reliance upon this information.

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