Infinite Execution was established in February 2012, and is head quartered in Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Infinite Execution is led by a team of visionary individuals, with collectively over 100-man years of broad industry experience.

Infinite Execution’s goal being to enable our customers to leap the void between “old world” environments and join the new high-speed internet age, where people and companies using rapid solution delivery techniques, are able to deliver from anywhere, to anywhere with virtually limitless possibilities, as part of a global community.

Infinite Execution and its partners have successfully delivered multiple complex projects for various customers from small FinTech’s and NGO’s to large Government, Retail, Healthcare and Telco organisations. These projects have included IT Security, Health & Safety Technology, Software Development, Asset Management Solutions (IT, CCTV & Physical), Personnel Verification and Secure Communications.

Infinite Execution’s team have also provided Sales Outsource Solutions including responding to RFP’s, RFQ’s and RFx’s, Professional Proposal Writing, RFP Preparation and Evaluation, Sales Coaching and Advice and Mentoring.

Driving Our Vision.

The Meaning Behind Our Logo …

Infinite Execution’s golden “X” depicts the wisdom and intellectual energy that we bring to solving complexity and in determining the “X Factor” – The independent and unknown factor which the internet brings to our world – “X” marks the spot!

Our floating “Circles” represent completeness and symmetry illustrating Infinite Execution’s ability to deliver turnkey solutions of variable size and complexity to successful conclusion. The green Circles show balance and growth, from small to large projects, the green also depicts Infinite Execution’s appreciation for the value of life and conservation of our planet.

The number “4” comes up regularly as in the four circles, and the four ends of the “X” which depicts the balance of life, work, success, and empathy. It also illustrates direction, as in the four points of the compass, that Infinite Execution can drive towards or lead from. Four also represents the stability of Infinite Execution and the security that we can deliver.

“Infinite” represents our range of experience, our depth of skills, the variety of solutions and products, the persistence to deliver, our adaptability to customer requirements and our endurance in delivering the solutions and requirements our customers demand.

“Execution” depicts our ability to successfully deliver solutions to our customers based on our vast experience, our valuable networks and illustrating the precise nature of implementing an action or solution to our customers’ expectations.

Infinite Execution looks forward to being of service to you and your organisation and proving our ability to deliver to your expectations and beyond…..

Some Of Our Customer Engagements


Secure Authentication

This project involved implementing 3-Factor Biometric User Authentication Solution to Prevent Fraud in the Procurement Systems for a very large Municipality and a Provincial Growth Agency.


Personnel Verification

This Project involved rolling out of a Cloud Based Personnel & Contractor Verification Solution, for Vetting of Contract Staff and Lifestyle Auditing of this large Transportation Management Company.


Health & Hygiene

This #Covid-19 Prevention Service is Provided on a Month-to-Month basis for a Financial Services Company. It involves provision of Sanitiser, Personnel Protection Equipment (#PPE), Temperature Monitoring Equipment & Associated Services.


Asset Management

This project involved implementing a Best of Breed, Cloud Based Asset Management Solution for the local division of an International Facilities Management Company Servicing Sub-Saharan Africa.


Sales Outsourcing

This Long Term Engagement with a Level- 1 BBBEE Corporate, has encompassed assisting with Turnkey  Solution Sales, writing of RFP’s & RFx’s and assisting with RFP Evaluation & Criteria. Also involved Sales Coaching / Mentoring.


#Covid-19 Procurement Services

Multiple Customer Engagements where we work with our Trusted and Reputable Suppliers for Sourcing #CoronaVirus Prevention Equipment for Small-Medium Enterprises (#SME) enabling them to Benefit from Bulk Discounting and Saving Time having to Procure Difficult to Locate Stock.

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Fighting #Covid-19 – Keeping You Safe In Uncertain Times

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Due to the continuous development and improvements of Infinite Execution Health & Hygiene Products, the goods supplied may vary in detail to those illustrated on our website. The prices that appear on our website are indicative only. Actual prices may vary depending on individual suppliers, quantity, and are subject to availability. Infinite Execution Health & Hygiene believes that the information regarding the PPE Equipment & Sanitiser Solutions published on this website is accurate and represents the best and most current information available to us. Infinite Execution Health & Hygiene makes no representations or warranties either expressed or implied, regarding the suitability of the material for any purpose or the accuracy of the information contained within this website. Accordingly, Infinite Execution Health & Hygiene will not be responsible for damages resulting from use of or reliance upon this information.

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