The warning an SA Doctor shared this past weekend with her family and friends about COVID-19 in SA.

Gauteng has 749 ICU and High Care beds in private sector and 393 in public sector. It is expected that in Gauteng there will be 120,000 cases by end July and 300,000 by end August. In Europe the average number of cases referred to High Care / ICU was between 7% and 10%. Now when applying this you consider the number of active cases at any one point in time. Bottom line is that this number of beds will be woefully inadequate. This is going to drive very tough decisions. In Italy, for example, patients over a certain age and or those with more than 2 comorbidities were not placed on a ventilator. The death rate will rise significantly.

The number of daily cases in South Africa yesterday, 8,728, far exceeded maximum rates seen in Spain (8,272 cases on 26 March), the UK (7,837 cases on 10 Apr) and Italy (6,553 cases on 21 March). It’s serious. Take personal action now.

How to deal with this:

  1. Just because you are allowed to do something it doesn’t mean you should! Government has got it wrong, they started well but currently have bowed to political pressure rather than scientific advice. Hence the exponential growth in cases with no real end in sight. The daily rate could well see levels reached in other countries like Brazil or even the US. Your personal actions are the only thing that will make any difference now.
  2. Act as if you are in Lockdown Stage 5 – Stay home. Don’t go out.
  3. Don’t socialize. Don’t meet anyone. Literally no one. Do not create opportunity for transmission. Restaurants are going to be major sites of transmission. Don’t even think about sitting inside a confined space with groups of people. That would be insane. Church falls into the same category.
  4. If you are anyone in your family is vulnerable consider not sending your children to school. The opening of schools at this time was insane. Now it’s criminal in my mind.
  5. Don’t allow people in your home. Help, friends or even family. You have to lockdown!! This disease is going to run rampant. Stay within the same self-contained group of people for the next 6 – 8 weeks.
  6. If you have to leave the house wear a mask. Always!!
  7. Wash your hands like you have OCD. Don’t stop doing this. It’s still the most effective means to stop transmission.

You don’t want this disease. It’s not simply about the death rate, this is an insidious disease about which we still know relatively little. We learn more every day about how it attacks every organ, including the brain. The recovery for about 20% of those who get it is long, with lifetime scars. Literally.

You don’t want this Virus!

Look after yourselves.

Stay safe!

Take Action Now!

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