Infinite Execution can provide your Child with a wonderfully Comfortable Easy-Breathe Genuine Jockey Face Washable Mask which comes with 5 x Washable Brits Filters, or the super lightweight, but tough plastic face shields, Infrared Thermometers and Sanitisers of various Sizes.

Classrooms that have been closed by the #CoronaVirus Crisis are slowly beginning to reopen around the world – here are some of the measures to make learning safe. 

Picture a Kindergarten or Primary School Classroom. What do you see? Children gathered around communal tables – swapping crayons, books and hugs with their friends?

Not Now. Not in the age of #COVID-19. The pandemic is changing the face of education and no one knows how long the effects will last. 

About one billion children around the world remain shut out of classrooms because of school closures. But some countries are cautiously reopening their education systems – and that means major alterations to the way classrooms look and operate. Out go so many of the familiar things we all grew up with. In come hand sanitisers, temperature checks, disinfected chairs, face masks, taped markings on the floor. Socially-distant learning is the new norm.

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